The Commonwealth Students'

The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) is the coalescence of the student organisations within the Commonwealth. Our role is to be an independent advocate for students throughout the Commonwealth which brings student concerns to the forefront of educational development. We endeavour to engage and empower students in an effort to influence key education decisions and policies at different levels in the Commonwealth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the values of the Commonwealth, while seeking to contribute to a world where students are given opportunities to meaningfully address issues within education and fields of development. The association will unite students across the Commonwealth and enable them to positively impact the Commonwealth agenda and global development. The Commonwealth Students’ Association aims to be visible, credible, sustainable and engaging.

Our Vision

Our vision is to represent, advocate and build capacities of students and students’ organizations across the Commonwealth. We aim to be a credible voice and a valued partner in effecting change in education and empowering students to contribute effectively to development in their societies.

CSA Aims & Objectives

  • To promote, protect and defend the rights of students of the Commonwealth
  • To promote the values of the Commonwealth to students
  • To promote empowerment amongst the students of the Commonwealth
  • To extend the reach of collective representative organisations to students across the Commonwealth
  • Promoting equitable access to and opportunity to succeed in education
  • Promoting high quality student experiences and learning environments around the Commonwealth
  • To promote unity among student organizations in all Commonwealth member states,
  • To promote the values of the Commonwealth
  • To protect the rights of the students of the Commonwealth,
  • The promotion of decision-making and policy implementation by students on all issues in the Commonwealth
  • To create an environment for student bodies and student movements to build their respective and collective capacities, to freely express and advocate.
  • To Promote equality amongst students across the Commonwealth
  • To promote the spirit of consensus amongst students, en route to contribute actively in the development of the world youth and students movement
  • To promote justice and empowerment of Commonwealth youth and students
  • To promote the access of a quality education to all Commonwealth citizens
  • To promote sustainable development through pro-active and inclusive participation in nation building.
  • To advocate for equal access to quality education, for University autonomy and respect for academic freedoms, and for a true reform and continued development of education;
  • To foster the development of students by promoting inter –Commonwealth state institutional and cultural exchange programme and extra-curricular activities;
  • To promote technological innovation
  • To promote democratic opportunities, giving opportunities to everyone to voice their opinion
Commonwealth Students Association